1. Bookkeeping

    1. How does 17hats invoicing and bookkeeping work?
    2. Video: Bookkeeping & Reporting
    3. Video: Syncing Bank Accounts
    4. Video: How do I categorize or split expenses?
    5. How do I connect my bank account to 17hats?
  2. Calendars

    1. How do I set up Calendars in 17hats?
    2. Are "To Do" items synced to my Google Calendar?
    3. Video: Connecting Calendars
    4. How do I connect OSX calendars to 17hats?
    5. Why are deleted Google events still appearing in 17hats?
  3. Contacts

    1. Video: Adding Contacts & Leads
    2. Video: Introduction to Contacts
    3. What is a related contact?
    4. How do I import a CSV file of contacts?
    5. How do I import my contacts?
  4. Contracts

    1. Video: Building & Sending Contracts
    2. Can I add more signatures to my contracts?
    3. Are electronic signatures legally binding?
    4. Video: Getting Started with Contracts
    5. Can I import or upload my contracts into 17hats?
  5. Dashboard

    1. Why is my weather not showing?
    2. Where do I find my documents?
  6. Email

    1. Video: Email Setup
    2. How does email correspondence works in 17hats?
    3. What are the benefits of using my own outgoing server (SMTP)?
    4. What do I do if my emails are going to SPAM folder?
    5. How do I add links to an email?
  7. General

    1. Does 17hats work with my device?
    2. How can I check the status of the 17hats website?
    3. How do I see the Client View of my Form?
    4. User Group History
    5. Does the 17hats free trial give me access to all areas of the software?
  8. Getting Started

    1. Video: Account Settings & Options
    2. The Overview Tab
  9. Invoices

    1. Video: Building & Sending Invoices
    2. What currencies does 17hats support?
    3. How do I send an invoice receipt?
    4. Does 17hats work with Square?
    5. How do I record a payment manually?
  10. Lead Capture

    1. Video: Building a Lead Capture Form
    2. Video: Email Lead Capture Setup
    3. Video: Lead Capture Facebook Install
    4. Video: Installing Lead Capture Forms
    5. How do I set up email lead capture rules for third party sources?
  11. Mobile

    1. How do I set my time zone using the mobile application?
    2. What should I do if I see the error "Email is Unavailable" on the iOS mobile app?
  12. Multi-User

    1. Multi-User: Getting Started and Setting Permissions
  13. My Account

    1. How do I cancel my account?
    2. How will 17hats subscription charges appear on my credit card statement?
    3. Where do I upload my logo?
    4. Why do I have to change my domain?
    5. How can I manage my previously created invoice/quote products (and create new ones)?
  14. My Preferences

    1. What is the domain setting?
    2. How do I customize the button of client facing forms?
  15. Overview

    1. Video: Overview Page Highlights
  16. PayPal

    1. Can clients pay without a PayPal account?
    2. Why am I receiving an error regarding "Express Checkout" when using PayPal as my merchant account?
  17. Projects

    1. How do I mark a project as completed?
    2. How are projects sorted?
    3. How do I navigate the "Project Overview" screen?
    4. What Are Project Lifecycles?
    5. Video: Project Overview Screen
  18. Questionnaires

    1. Video: Questionnaires Setup
    2. How do I create a questionnaire?
    3. How do I allow my clients to add related contacts through questionnaires?
    4. Can my clients save their questionnaire and come back later?

    1. Video: Building & Sending Quotes
    2. Can I combine quotes, contracts and invoices?
  20. ShootProof Integration

    1. How Do I Integrate With ShootProof?
    2. Why is ShootProof creating invoices under one person's name in 17hats rather than creating a different contact for each order?
    3. Should each new ShootProof order for an existing contact create a new project?
  21. Support

    1. How do I create a HAR file?
  22. Templates

    1. Video: Creating & Using Templates
    2. How can I Access / Make / Manage templates?
    3. How do I create or manage templates?
    4. How do I create custom email templates?
  23. Time Tracking

    1. Video: Using Time Tracking
    2. How do I use time tracking within 17hats?
    3. Why are old rates for timers still showing up even after I have updated them?
  24. Tips

    1. How do I print to PDF?
  25. Videos

    1. Video Tutorial Center
  26. Workflows

    1. Video: Workflow Basics
    2. New Workflow Overview
    3. What is the workflow base date?
    4. How to use a To-Do item in my workflow?
    5. What are "Phases" within a workflow?

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