How do I import a CSV file of contacts?

When importing a CSV file of contacts, the format used will need to be correct, or the results will be inconsistent. 

Acceptable data fields when importing .CSV files

You may need to edit your csv in a spreadsheet program to modify the header names so they match the exact name of the field's listed below. Variations are also allowed and are indicated by alternate spelling. 

Personal information

E-mail Address 
First Name
Middle Name 
Last Name 

Company Information

Company Name 
Business Street
Business Street 2
Business City
Business State
Business Postal Code
Business Country

Shipping/Billing information

Home Street 
Home Street 2 
Home City 
Home State 
Home Postal Code 
Home Country
Other Street
Other Street 2
Other City
Other State
Other Postal Code
Other Country

Contact information

Assistant's Phone
Business Fax
Business Phone
Business Fax
Business Phone
Business Phone 2
Car Phone
Company Main Phone
Home Fax
Home Phone
Home Phone 2
Mobile Phone
Other Fax
Other Phone
Primary Phone

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