1. How does 17hats invoicing and bookkeeping work?
  2. Video: Bookkeeping & Reporting
  3. Video: Syncing Bank Accounts
  4. Video: How do I categorize or split expenses?
  5. How do I connect my bank account to 17hats?
  6. How do I manually add a bank account?
  7. How do I categorize payments deposited into my bank?
  8. How do I categorize transactions?
  9. How often are transactions imported from my linked bank account?
  10. How do I find my bank?
  11. How do I record expenses?
  12. How do I add custom accounting categories?
  13. How should I handle gratuities in 17hats?
  14. How do I apply a transaction to an invoice?
  15. What is the profit and loss report in 17hats?
  16. How do I manage my payments?
  17. How do I manually refresh my bank account?
  18. How do category auto-suggestions work?
  19. Why is my bank not connecting or updating automatically?
  20. How do I export my 17hats Bookkeeping to QuickBooks Desktop?
  21. What does, "Login error - User needs to complete USP conversion at FI website" mean?
  22. What characters can I use in my online banking password when connecting my bank to 17hats?
  23. How do I connect my Barclays UK Bank account to 17hats?
  24. How do I connect my HSBC UK account to 17hats?
  25. Why do synced invoices from 17hats show up under "Undeposited Funds" in Quickbooks Online?
  26. What does the warning "Script not written yet?" mean when I try to connect my bank?
  27. How can I rename my bank account?
  28. What do I do if I'm having trouble connecting to Key Bank?
  29. What does it mean when I try to connect my bank and see "Your institution returned zero accounts associated with your login"?
  30. What does Error Code 192 mean when trying to connect my bank?
  31. Why did I get a warning message when trying to sync my invoices to Quickbooks Online?

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