How do I cloud sync my Calendars?

The native 17hats calendars are great for scheduling, however they do not sync anywhere outside of the app. Gain cloud connectivity by using Google Calendars. This will enable any device(s) connected to your Google Calendar to sync with your schedule.

This video walks through the steps of connecting 17hats to your Google Account.

The 2nd half of the video contains instructions on connecting your iCal/calendars app (OS X only) to your Google Calendar. 

Connecting Google calendar to your mobile device(s):

On your iOS device:
1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Google.
2. Follow the sign in prompts.
3. Turn Calendars On. 

On an Android device:
1. Download:
2. Follow the steps on the screen to connect your google calendar. 

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