Does 17hats work with Square?

We are thrilled to announce that Square now provides a shared API and payment gateway for processing payments.  You may be asking, what does this mean for me as a 17hats user?  This means that you may now user Square as your merchant account!  This has been a highly requested feature that we are very excited to have implemented.

You may use your existing Square account or create a new one all from within your 17hats account settings.  Simply navigate to "my account > account settings > invoice options" and choose the Square option (similar to connecting PayPal, Stripe, or  You will then be guided through the process to create an account and allow access with it to 17hats for processing payments. If you already have an account with Square, you will be prompted to log in and provide access from 17hats.

You may continue to use Square to accept credit cards in person as well (by manually recording the invoice payment). 

Connect Square to 17hats Bookkeeping

If you have already recorded the payment, you can verify the transaction from Square's feed as "Transfer from Accounts", and then manually expense the transaction fees. 

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