Video Tutorial Center

Video Tutorial Center

We want to make sure you take full advantage of all our features. So we've recorded these videos to assist you. We hope this helps, but if you need any further assistance reach out to our support team ( We're here to help you with whatever you need.

Overview Page Highlights

Get the pulse on your business with just a glance. This video highlights everything you will need to know about the Overview Page.

Adding Contacts & Leads

Keep track of all your client projects in one place. This video will quickly cover how to add and manage your contacts and leads.

Building Lead Forms

Automate the population of leads into 17hats, and responds to leads quicker. Watch this video on building your lead capture forms.

Building & Sending Quotes

Watch this video on building quotes and sending them to your clients, so clients can make selections, sign-off, and pay online.

Writing & Signing Contracts

Get clients to sign contracts online (no faxing needed!). Watch this video on how to write your contracts and personalize them for your clients.

Creating & Sending Invoices

Generate professional invoices and get paid online (and on time!). This video will walk you through setting up and sending invoices to your clients.

Building Questionnaires

Create custom forms for your clients to fill out online. This video will show you all the types of questions you can ask and everything you need to know.

Creating & Using Templates

Use templates to speed up emails, quotes, and more. Watch this video on how to save templates and re-use them, which will save you time.

Workflow Automation

Stay on top of your work and automate repetitive tasks with workflows. This video will guide you through building and using workflows.

Bookkeeping & Reporting

Ensure all your records are ready for your accountant. This video will walk you through the basics of setting up and using bookkeeping.

Using Time Tracking

Track time and easily invoice your clients with a single click. This video shows you how to setup time tracking and use it effectively.

Account Settings & Options

Need help walking through all the settings for your account. This video will help you master account settings and get the most out of your account.

Connecting Google Calendars

Sync with your Google Calendar to keep your schedule on track. This video will show you how to setup Google Calendar syncing.

Installing Lead Forms

Want leads populated automatically into 17hats? This video will show you how to install your lead capture form on your website.

Email Lead Capture Setup

Want leads populated automatically into 17hats via email. This video will show you how to setup your email lead capture sources.

Facebook Lead Forms

Need help setting up lead capture forms on your Facebook page. This video will walk you through the steps to set up Facebook Lead Capture.

Lead Overview

Organize and track your leads on the Lead Overview Screen. Learn how to keep your leads organized, to help you convert them into clients!

Quickbooks Online Integration

Connect your Quickbooks Online account, and have all your invoices and payments synced into Quickbooks from 17hats!

Project Lifecycles

Track your contacts and leads as they move through different stages of your workflow. See at a glance where they are and archive old leads!

Project Overview

Keep track of all the information about your projects in one spot! Easily view and track project related information here

Email Sync Setup & Use

Sync your email accounts to view email by client/project. Watch this video to guide you through receiving and sending email with 17hats.

Setup Recurring Invoices

Setup recurring invoices to send to your clients on a regular basis and choose the details and duration of your regularly send invoices.

Add Scheduled Payments

Setup scheduled payments for your invoices and quotes, and choose between evenly split payments or your own customized payment schedules.

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