How does the referral program work?

17hats has a referral program to reward our existing users who refer their friends or colleagues.  For every subscriber you refer, that signs up for a paid account, you will receive one free month of the Unlimited Plan of 17hats.  The extra month will automatically be added to your account when they sign up for a paid subscription. Your friend will also receive 10% off their subscription when choosing the Unlimited plan. 

Not only that, we also have an EPIC rewards program where you can win amazing prizes!  In order to be eligible and to see our current prizes, go to .  This quarter's grand prize winner will be announced January 15th, 2017.  

For every person you refer to 17hats you will receive 5 points, and for every person you refer to 17hats Ally, you will get 50 points!  Each month our top referrer will win a prize and our grand prize winner for the quarter will win a trip to Hawaii!  People you refer must sign up from your referral link or enter your referral code once they sign up for a paid account.

We are working to develop a point tracking tool for participants. It will be coming soon. We will announce the top 5 referrers each week.

Your personal referral code can be found under "My Account", "Account Settings" and "Referrals". Share it via social media or distribute the code in your own way.  Your friends must add it to their account under "My Account", "Account Settings" and "My Profile".

So what are you waiting for?  There is no limit to how many people you can refer!  Spread the word about 17hats, and you might just be our next lucky winner!

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