What Are Project Lifecycles?

Lifecycles allow you to see at a glance, what stage of the process your clients and leads are in.  You may manually move your clients through the stages or have it happen automatically!  To create a new Lifecycle, simply navigate to "My Account", "Account Settings" and then "Lifecycles".  If this is the first time you have accessed this page, you will be given the option to generate a starter/sample lifecycle:

When creating a new lifecycle (or using the "starter lifecycle"), the first step will be to name it accordingly.  

Next, you will determine when you would like your Leads archived for you.  Please note that this determines when leads and their projects will be archived after your specific predetermined set amount of inactivity.  This setting only archives leads and not other contact types.  This will keep your leads page current and up-to-date with only true, hot leads.  

By default, your starter lifecycle will include multiple stages.  You may edit this as you see fit by adding or deleting stages (as well as renaming).  Lastly, you will decide when you want the last stage of this process to be considered complete.  When you are ready, save your lifecycle.  

To add a lifecycle to your project, navigate to the project in question, and select "Edit", "Add Lifecycle".  Select the lifecycle you would like to add to your project.  You should then see the lifecycle displayed at the top of the project:

Your Project will move through the lifecycle stages automatically but if you wish to manually make an update, click on the stage and set it as "Complete":

Lifecycle reminders will also appear on the righthand side of the project overview.  To view a video walkthrough of the lifecycle feature, please click here

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