How do I create a HAR file?

HAR stands for HTTP Archive and is a container for trace information from within a browser. It records all web requests made by the browser tab (including the request & response headers, the body, and the time it look to load). This makes HAR files very useful when troubleshooting issues relating to banking which are harder to replicate as there are no banking standards.  To clarify, the HAR file will only collect HTML/JAVA browsing activity; it is not recording video, audio, or your login credentials.  

* The HAR file will give us information relating to the connection between 17hats, our bank syncing partner, and your bank.

1. The easiest way to generate a HAR file is by using Chrome as the feature is built in.  Start by opening Chrome. If you do not have Chrome, you may download a copy here.

2. In Chrome, log into your 17hats account and navigate to the bookkeeping tab.

3. Right click anywhere on the page and click on "Inspect Element"

4. The developer tools should have opened at the bottom of the browser, now click on the "Network" tab

5. Click on the record button.  Now, you will want to add the bank account you are having issues by pressing "Connect To Bank" or attempt a manual re-sync the account giving issues by following the instructions here. The aim is to reproduce the issue and capture the output. 

6. Once you have attempted to re-sync your bank or add it as a new bank unsuccessfully, right click within the Network tab and select "Save as HAR with Content" and then finally, save the file.

 7. Now you may include this file in your email reply to us so that we may further investigate.  Please also make sure to include the name of the bank in question 
with your reply.

We also have a brief video walkthrough of this process for your convenience located here.

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